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Global R&D Hub Creating Future Marine Values, KIMST

Korea Institute of Marine Science & Technology Promotion is a public organization established under the Ministry of Oceans and
Fisheries for planning and evaluating national R&D projects and the promoting their commercialization.

The ocean is the hope of mankind and the treasure repository of resources.

The challenges and achievements of marine science and technology to overcome the exhaustion of land resources and environmental
contamination will be accomplished through the discovery of the green technology resulted in marine values and the promotion of
green industries, and they will play the pivotal role in aiding the Republic of Korea to become a wealthy nation in marine resource
and technology.

All executives and staff members of KIMST will make all-out efforts to advance marine science and technology in Republic of Korea and
we would like to have your support and encouragement along the way.

Thank you.

Korea Institute of Marine
Science&Technology promotion