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KIMST will raise the level of Korean marine
technology to that of other advanced nations.

Since KIMST was established as the central organization to the mission of transforming Korea into a leading maritime power, one of its important
objectives is to raise Korea’s marine science and technology to the world-class level


KIMST was created to assume the responsibilities of planning, managing, selecting, and evaluating R&D projects.
KIMST will disseminate developed technologies as a way to support the advancement of Republic of Korea's marine technology.

Data of Establishment

Nov. 16. 2005

Key Functions

  • Research, analyze, and evaluate the demand for marine technology
  • Plan, manage, and evaluate R&D projects for marine technology
  • Support planning related to marine technology
  • Facilitate the distribution and practical implementation of developed technologies
  • Collect, analyze, and provide information regarding marine technology
  • Conduct projects that are delegated and entrusted by government agencies
  • Implement projects that are in line with the objectives of KIMST and other projects approved by the board of directors