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The structure of KIMST is designed to cope with unlimited possibilities concerning
R&D project for marine technology with a focus on efficient management

Strengthening of expertise, transparency, and fairness on R&D project evaluation

Managment Strategy division

Development of performance management system and promotion of management efficiency improvement

  • Management review and internal performance review
  • Establishment and adjustment of KIMST proposals
  • Establishment of reasonable and organized management system
  • Development and management of the integrated information system for marine R&D projects
  • Strengthen transparency in personnel, budget execution, and financial managements

Pomotion of the commercialization of MT research outcomes and the advancement of organization management

Marine R&D Management Division

User-centered efficient R&D project management

  • Delegate and announce projects
  • Select projects, manage processes, and conduct interim and final evaluations
  • Make necessary modifications in contracts or cancel contracts
  • Establish, operate, and approve committees in each technological area
  • Manage human resources pool categorized by specialty
  • Administer and disburse R&D funds

Strengthen the discovery planning of leading, future-oriented marine technology

Marine policy planning division

MT planning capablity that can satisfy government's marine R&D policy demand

  • Establishment of year-by-year implementation plan for R&D program
  • Support the compilation of R&D budget and manage operating budget
  • Support the establishment of political directions for marine science and technology R&D
  • Survey of technological demand and discovery of technological items
  • Construction and operation of performance management system of marine technology in practical use
  • Promote technological transference and commercialization of technology in relation to research outcomes
  • Survey/analysis/evaluation of state R&D projects
  • Promote the establishment of marine industry support service and corporate exchange and cooperation