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I am Cho Seung-hwan, President of the Korea Institute of Marine Science & Technology Promotion (KIMST).
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“KIMST will be at the forefront of ‘innovative growth and job creation’ based on marine science and technology.”

In the 21st century, the importance of oceans is being emphasized more than ever. As the convergence, combination, and cooperation of technology and industries create new growth engines in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the R&D environment for the marine sector is also facing a new phase.

Therefore, the Korea Institute of Marine Science & Technology Promotion has pushed for creative planning of marine science and technology, leading technology development, discovering collaborative projects, and preemptive policy support.

At the same time, KIMST strives to nurture marine enterprises and the industry by providing various technical support services for intelligence, informatization, and high-value addition of marine science and technology.

We are also putting our best efforts to provide phase-specific startup support and establish an innovative startup ecosystem for those who prepare to open businesses in the marine industry but struggle to identify technology trends under the rapidly changing marine R&D environment.

Moreover, we will actively take the lead in realizing social values and creating jobs by disseminating R&D achievements such as promoting commercialization of marine science and technology.

The executives and employees of KIMST will continue to do their best for ‘innovative growth and job creation’ in marine science and technology with a sense of duty and responsibility as an R&D institute specializing in the marine industry.

Thank you.

Korea Institute of Marine Science & Technology Promotion