Creative marine science and technology
We Contribute to the development of the marine industry.



R&D institute to lead “Korea, the Marine Powerhouse”


Contribution to the development of the marine industry by cultivating marine science and technology

Core Values

Creativity, Clearness, Challenge
  • Continuous creation of new technology values based on creative thinking
  • Transparent management and business through the achievement of vision and fair execution of duties
  • Progressive and challenging attitude to do one’s best with a sense of ownership at work

Strategic Goal & Task

Strengthening of planning and policy support for pioneering R&D
- Strengthening of R&D planning
- Policy support for pioneering R&D
- Construction of infrastructure to strengthen
R&D competitiveness
Realization of social values through the dissemination of R&D outcomes
- Establishment of foundation for R&D outcome
management and dissemination
- Promotion of commercialization of market-oriented R&D
- Expansion of services linked with
the commercialization of R&D
Strengthening the competency of management
innovation for continued growth
- Expansion of effective and stable management infrastructure
- Establishment of creative and enthusiastic organizational culture
- Operation of fair and transparent organization centered on customers
Improving R&D Evaluation Management
- Strengthen results-oriented R&D evaluation management
- Advance the customer-centric R&D evaluation management system
- Build a foundation for R&D evaluation management